For as long as I can remember, I had always felt detached and somewhat uprooted in my own birthplace, and in a lifelong search for a profound, emotional connection to the environment I live in. Constantly torn between my primary connection to the actual land of Israel, and my sense of social remoteness from a society I grew out of...

After living abroad for close to a decade, I've recently returned to my native soil.
Since then I’ve been dealing in my art with the idea of 'where is home', 'what is home' and the struggle in finding/loosing it.

My most recent series is called "Hard Land". A sequence of images depicting the sense of solitude and endless conflict of running to and away from...
The landscape chosen is not of a recognized or specific place. These are sceneries taken from unknown early Eastern-European films representing "a land". The silhouettes shown in every scene are of the artist performing some strange 'battle poses'; in some of the works, the image is doubled in an attempt to express an inner-self conflict and discomfort.

My quest for home is a permanent, long-lasting endeavor.
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