The rulers are some of Zohar’s most private creations, displaying a code that cannot be cracked by the viewer. The various geometric shapes of the rulers, the way the different parts are located into space and in relation to each other, symbolize various people that have influenced or touched her life, the measurements corresponding to some of these people’s physical and mental attributes. Thus what the rulers measure are the intangible qualities of lives. They propose mathematics of emotions.

- Carole Naggar

* * *

"i'm measuring myself.
inches within me. centimeters of me.
i measure people in my life. people who managed to penetrate through the unseen and well-hidden layers that i own.
people who somehow influenced or made me see things differently.

i'm testing, reviewing, criticizing and categorizing.
i'm defining measures and units of the ones that touch me.

my awareness to "sizes" and it's perception are all part of an analytic process that carefully forms and defines a person's ruler.
it's "me as opposed to others"... bigger, smaller. longer, shorter. the angels, the distance. it never ends!

to what depth do i allow myself to reach within me?
to what depth do i let others?

at the end, it's the inside and outside of me."