The purpose of the Holocaust Educators Network (HEN) is to provide a forum for faculty interested in studying and teaching the Holocaust. The Network extends the work of the summer seminars sponsored by the Memorial Library. Located at Lehman College of the City University of New York, HEN uses an inquiry-based approach to focus on how educators can engage students with difficult material and how writing and dialogue can help move students from shock and denial to empathy and action. We look to support educators from middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities in the following ways:

• By examining teaching practices both critically and generously;
• By sharing resources and devising new approaches in workshops and in online forums;
• By inviting noted scholars and researchers to present new work to the group; and 
• By developing and conducting workshops in teachers' own schools and communities.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to jlemberg@holocausteducators.org.

To download an application and read more on our current programs, click here.

To see video excerpts from our summer seminar, "Reading, Writing, and Teaching the Holocaust," click on the icons below:

Video overview by HEN's director, Dr. Sondra Perl, of the summer seminar for teachers from rural sites

Holocaust survivor Irving Roth
Holocaust survivor Dr. Livia Bitton-Jackson
Interviews with participating teachers from urban areas

Responses to the Summer Seminar from rural sites participants:

Not only are we taking new ideas to consider when we are constructing our units of study, you have provided a broader more inclusive context for teaching human issues in a more humane way.
Mary Hawkins
Logan Middle School, Logan, WV

What stands out for me about my ten days as part of this seminar is the support network that I now have access to for something I've been doing on my own for so long. Now, when I'm looking for an idea for a short story, book, video, or website - any resource - I have so many people to contact. If I'm looking for a way to present a lesson or topic - Voila! I've never been to a seminar solely devoted to one topic and been given so many useful tools and resources.
Kristi Bancroft Boucher
Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, South Paris, ME

I take away more questions than answers, and an absolute need to know and teach the Holocaust... Most importantly I take away a deep sense of gratitude to the foundation, my colleagues, the survivors and to Olga Lengyel. It is not lightly that I say this was a life altering experience that I will cherish and hold with me forever.
Diane Williams
ANSER Junior High School, Boise, ID