Recent online articles and other items of interest about the Holocaust Educators Network

• About our participants, our faculty, and their classrooms:

"Teacher Has Unique Opportunity," article in the Glasgow Daily Times about participant Casi Owens ('09), of Glasgow Middle School, KY:

"Reading, Writing, and Teaching the Holocaust: Cultivating the Humanitarian Hope Amidst Tales of Catastrophe," with text and photographs by Danielle Friesen-Bethune ('08) of Nebraska:

Visit the blog of the 2008 summer seminar created by participant Larry Neuberger, Miller High School, MO:

"Holocaust history brings rural educators to tears." Article about the summer seminar in The Riverdale press online:

"Understanding the Holocaust: Two Ozarks instructors want to give students insight into tragedy." Article in the, Springfield, MO, chronicles the efforts of 2008 seminar participants Larry Neuberger and Thomas Maerke to continue their work through their involvement in the Ozarks Writing Project:

Poet and child of survivors John Guzlowski describes his visit to the classroom of Narci Drossos ('07) in Valdosta, GA:

Narci Drossos ('07) receives 2008 Distinguished Educator Award from the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust:

• About our speakers:

"Young Heirs Carry Holocaust's Torch," article on Irving Roth at,0,7439182.story

Portrait boxes created by rural teachers in the summer seminar

"McCool kids turn despair to hope." 
Article about the work of Danielle Bethune ('08) and her Holocaust Literature course in the Nebraska York-Times.

More to come...