In April 1996, Pyramida began a Resident Artists Project.
Living quarters, including a kitchenette and bathroom, as well as studio space were renovated in the facility to house an artist-in-residence.

The works that the artist-in-residence creates in Pyramida are displayed in the gallery space, in conjunction to publicity and media coverage for the event generated by Pyramida.

In the past, we hosted artists from Germany, Holland, Ireland, France, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, the US and Russia. The artists stayed for a few weeks, worked and presented their work at Pyramida's gallery.


Artists who are interested in the Resident Artists Project at Pyramida are invited to send the following materials:
• A resume that includes the artist's name, address, email address, and telephone number.
• Ten to twenty images of recent artwork, either printed or on CD.

Materials should be sent by email to: